Sabtu, 16 Mei 2015

Uang Panai’ as Local Culture can’t promote to be National Culture

Uang Panai’ as Local Culture can’t promote to be National Culture
Rosnani Abd Rahman
Indonesia consists of many tribes with different cultures. As with marriage, every tribe has a different tradition. The tradition of Buginese in Makassar. Marriage is famous in Buginese Makassar marriage with very expensive or so-called Uang Panai.” Uang Panai is the one of local culture in Buginese. Panai is money given by the groom to the bride on deal both sides. Panai different from the dowry money. Panai is spending money for the wedding such as foodstuffs, tents / buildings, clothing, and various kinds of equipment to get married. Social strata and levels of education a woman affect the amount of money that will be given.
Marriage is a very sacred procession, and is expected to occur only once in a lifetime. And to think long when the quarrel and want to be separated, because the struggle is very hard to get his wife. Very rarely heard cases of divorce among ethnic Buginese Makassar, due to their appreciation of marriage is very high. This tradition teaches forms of accountability and commitment in a marriage relationship. Cultural siri also be an influence in the marriage. Panai in the big money does not make them give up. The male will defend his pride with every effort to meet the desired amount. Although not a few of them have to borrow money in order to hold a lavish party. But many couples who must stop the relationship because the man who cannot afford. As has just happened and was very widely reported by local and national media. Risna and rais failed to marry because Panai. Uang Panai is very large and expensive as a consequence the relationship that has existed for seven years should be separate. Rais married another woman who may be the relatively low of Uang Panai. As I mentioned earlier, social strata and levels of education to be a factor.
In the other side, If the amount requested Uang Panai be able to meet  by the groom, it would be prestige (honor) to the woman's family. Honor is meant here is the sense of an award given by the groom to the woman he wanted to marry by providing a magnificent feast for marriage through the Uang Panai. For men who are also local or come from ethnic Bugis-Makassar, meet Panai amount 'can also be seen as a cultural practice Siri, so a woman who really loves become a very big motivation to meet the amount of  Panai 'which would otherwise require. Motivation can be defined as a motivating factor that comes in human beings in this case to meet the amount Panai ', which would then affect the way a person acts. Thus, motivation will affect his performance at work. But actually if we look at the reality, the meaning of Uang Panai 'has been shifted from its true meaning. Uang Panai  'has become a prestige event or show off wealth. Not infrequently to meet the demand of money Panai 'the groom even have to owe. If the return on real meaning. Uang Panai  does not impose the men because it begins with the agreement of both parties.
If the Uang Panai becomes to National Culture, Automatically there will be many negative effects our the young generations in Indonesia because it will be difficult for men who want to get married so they have to postpone the wedding. Besides that, this makes loving couples usually take the final step, namely 'Eloped (silariang), as a shortcut to together constant. Although eloped it is one of disgrace.  So, Uang Panai’ as Local Culture can’t Promote to be National Culture because there is no advantages for the society in Indonesia.
Finally, Uang  Panai 'is a cultural tradition in Bugis-Makassar to marry women Bugis-Makassar.Uang Panai 'and the famous nominal amount very much should not be used as a benchmark because after all it depends on individual effort and rest on one decision of almighty God. Besides that, the families also need to be more open minded about the viability of marriage that cannot be assessed from the grandeur of the wedding party or celebration conducted. As well as the absence of a lot of money possessed by men who would apply. Because the money is only decoration in life while life's purpose is tranquility. Culture should not be used as a barrier, but seen as a dye in the socialization and interaction of life.

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